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Portable Toilets:-  
  P.A.C.E. Recirc  

Avail from us, our wide range of portable toilets that are offered in different designs and sizes. Well designed, these toilets can be easily carried during travel. Available with various sizes, these portable toilets come with water tanks for flushing and storage tank for storing waste attached together.


P.A.C.E. Recirc The P.A.C.E. recirc that we offer is the latest designed portable toilet unit manufactured by us. These toilets are offered with minimal fixings and parts that assure quick build with minimal tools. These toilets come with 'T' bar locking system and are also designed to be packaged in 'off the shelf kit units' in small quantities for easy handling, warehousing and delivery by regular truck or van. These PACE recirc available with us come with additional urinal and washstand. The specifications in which these products are available are:

. Exterior Height :- 86in/ 218cm
. Exterior Length :- 47in/ 119cm
. Exterior Width :- 47in/ 119cm
. Holding Tank :- 60gal/ 227 L
. Seat Height :- 19in/ 48 cm
. Weight :- 176 lbs/ 80 kg



  Drinking Water Facility  

We design and manufacture drinking water facility that is hygienically constructed. Used in different public places, offices, parks and restaurants, this facility has taps attached to them. These facilities have storage tank of various capacities.

  Portable Toilets  

We offer a fresh water flush toilet system that is completely hygienic and portable for extensive use. They do not have any foul smell and are completely disinfected. Easy to clean and portable, they are extensively used in private parties, school functions and marriages. They are also comfortable to use and affordable.

    • Unique ventilation system
    • Specious design allows for most efficient use of interior space
    • Sleek easy-to-handle exterior design
    • Heat treated aluminum doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
    • New engineering provides
    • New tank design with deep sump area
    • Greater stability with less potential for wind blow-over
    • Offers the best value for multiple markets from construction sites to upscale events
    • New non-splash urinal.

    The rental for portable toilets is RS 4000/- per day with attended and transportation within 25-30 kms.If the number of days is more and the quantity is more than one pc then the rates can be negotiated. We provide with towel, soap, liquid soap. we can transport it to far off destinations as we have our own transportation facility.



  Urinal Block  

We make fabricated urinal Block of different sizes as per customer Requirements which are portable and can be moved any where . The most running sizes 6 x 4 x 7"



  Fabricated Toilets Block  




We make fabricated Toilets Block as per Customer Requirements which is portable fabricated Toilets Block. The most running sizes 4 x 4 x 7”
  Portable Toilet  

The TOP LINE portable toilet represents an authentic advancement in the portable sanitation industry and is the result of years of manufacturing experience. TOP LINE is a blend of practical features and a captivating design that emphasizes Armal's attention to detail and to the requirements of the portable toilets operators. The use of the most sophisticated and hard-wearing materials transformed by high-tech production systems is combined with an engineering project that aims to reduce the maintenance costs related to the service of portable toilets, increase safety and generate a good price-quality ratio for the operator. The Top Line design has been specifically developed to achieve ultra smooth surfaces which are therefore easy to wash; the assembly of the walls with overlapping systems means that the rivets can be concealed, making cleaning more practical and safer and the inside of the cabin more refined and stylish.

  Hand wash / Wash basin  



  Armal Portable Toilet  

The Top Line Armal is very versatile because it turns into practical solutions to best fit your needs. This is the Top Line chemical toilet with squatting tank that is very popular in the Asian marketplace. This product is very easy to assemble and can be equipped with some practical accessories. The toilet paper holder and the coat-hook come as integrated components.



  VIP Toilet Bunk House  



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