Eco Wash

Eco Wash
Eco Wash
Eco Wash

Product Info:

Eco-wash is a portable hand wash solution and is synonymous to strength, safety and cost-effectiveness. The product offers a recirculating foot pump operation and is easy to manoeuvre.

It has been designed for easy outdoor usage which is ideal at parks, outdoor events, concert venues, construction sites, schools, or any application fields where pipe-borne water is scarce.


Material: Blow Molded HDPE Plastic, Sinks SS
Size: 5' x 2' x 3.5' Feet
Accessories: Two 200 Ltr. Drums, Two SS sinks with Faucets, Two Recirculating Pump
Commercial Data: In 20 Feet Container Assembled 20 Piece
In 32 Feet Truck Assembled 32 Piece
In 40 Feet Container Assembled 40 Piece

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