Swachh Sulabh Sanitation

Swachh Sulabh Bathroom
Swachh Sulabh Indian Toilet
Swachh Sulabh Western Toilet
Swachh Sulabh Urinal

Product Info:

The Swachh Sulabh line of Toilets, built with an innovative mechanism promoting smart practicality and efficient durability, aims to make sanitation affordable for everyone. Designed especially to meet basic health and hygiene standards for construction workers and labours and take forward the Swachh Bharat Mission initiated by our Hon. Prime Minister.

The Swachh Sulabh comprises no more than 35Kg of weight. Furthermore, the product is stackable and can be pre-packed on top of one another, utilising less space and making it cost-efficient for transportation.


Material: Cabin Roto Molded HDPE Plastic, Door PVC, Indian Commode Roto Molded HDPE Plastic, Stand MS Pipe, Inlet Pipe UPVC, Hinges SS, Aldraft PVC
Size: Cabin 3' x 3' x 6.5' feet, Inlet Pipe 0.5’ inch, Outlet 4’ inch, MS Stand Pipe 1’ x 2’ inch
Accessories: 1 Tap with 2.5’ feet UPVC Pipe, 1 Light Holder, Aldraft, Indian Commode Base
Commercial Data: In 20 Feet Container Unassembled 60 Piece
In 32 Feet Truck Unassembled 100 Piece
In 40 Feet Container Unassembled 120 Piece
Style: Bathroom | Indian Style | Urinal

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