VIP Aircraft Chemical Toilet

VIP Aircraft Chemical Toilet
VIP Aircraft Chemical Toilet

Product Info:

At Global Loos, we also import portable chemical toilets from the European markets. The Aircraft Chemical Toilet reaches an extremely high qualitative experience with its design, safety, and ease of management. The units are constructed with the most resistant materials and with high-precision production systems.

For enhanced services, it is fitted with inbuilt urinal pot, hand wash station and a unique foot freshwater system. The washbasin is linked directly to the effluent tank, whereas the ventilation pipe ensures an odour-free atmosphere and the heat resistant walls provide cool and cosy interiors. The build has an excellent size/weight ratio, promising easy handling and portability.

The VIP Aircraft Chemical Toilet has been designed specifically for executives and VIPs in all sorts of events.


Material: High-density grade 4 polyethylene. Anti UV Treatment
Size: Cabin 3.48' x 3.48' x 7.65' feet
Accessories: Western Commode with 210 ltr. Holding tank, Washbasin with 100 ltr. freshwater tank, Urinal, Paper Dispenser, Recirculating Foot pump for Flushing System.
Commercial Data: In 20 Feet Container Assembled 10 Piece
In 32 Feet Truck Assembled 16 Piece
In 40 Feet Container Assembled 20 Piece
Style: Western Style

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