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Porta Loo
Porta Loo Bathroom
Porta Loo Indian Toilet
Porta Loo Western Toilet
Porta Loo Urinal

Product Info:

The Porta Loo series by Global Loos is a spacious roto moulded restroom designed ingeniously to pave the way for the future of portable sanitation solutions. The Porta Loo line is enabled with a puf injected base and door. Our primary target with these models is to enhance the portability factor and hence each unit is moulded in a way ensure that the weight of the entire unit does not exceed 60 kgs.

The Porta Loo restrooms are facilitated with all the necessary amenities of a restroom, proving as an ideal solution for large-scale events, Industrial shutdowns as well as construction sites. The materials used for its build make sure that the restrooms provide extraordinary durability at highly comparative prices.


Material: Cabin Roto Molded HDPE Plastic, Door Roto Molded HDPE Plastic Double Wall, Western commode Ceramic, Wash Basin Ceramic, Flush Tank PVC, Hand Faucet PVC, Pipe Fittings UPVC, Hinges SS, Aldraft PVC, Vent PVC
Size: Cabin 3.25' x 3.25' x 7.5' feet, Inlet Pipe 0.5’ inch, Outlet 4’ inch
Accessories: 1 Tap, 1 Light Holder, 1 Washbasin, Western Commode, Hand Faucet, Flush Tank, Internal Pipe Fittings, Vent, Aldraft
Commercial Data: In 20 Feet Container Assembled 12 Piece
In 32 Feet Truck Assembled 18 Piece
In 40 Feet Container Assembled 24 Piece
Style: Bathroom | Indian Style | Western Style | Urinal

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